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Osmo Ikonen's gig also features new songs - the gig will streamed from legendary On the Rocks

(Finnish version below)

When spring turned upside down, Osmo Ikonen decided to perform online for his fans. This singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer has released two albums and one EP under his own name. Ikonen is also known as a keyboard player on Sunrise Avenue and from many TV shows. He has been a soloist and arranger on the SuomiLOVE program, among other things.

Ikonen played the first Instagram live gig two weeks ago. His fans were excited.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Fortunately we are living in an age where, even in such exceptional circumstances, it is possible for the artist and the fans to connect through such channels.

People will certainly understand how catastrophic the current situation is for all those who work with performing arts, and no one can say for sure how long the situation will continue.

Ikonen thinks livestream gigs are also important in the future.

- It is of the utmost importance that we actively seek ways to keep the cultural sector even operational in some way. However, livestream gigs will definitely have a subscription even after the situation returns to normal. For example, I have a lot of fans outside of Finland, and being able to watch a live gig on the couch at home would be definitely a pleasure for them.

Ikonen is looking forward to his upcoming SemiLive gig and promises to play some new songs as well.

I've made new music and I will play a few unreleased songs. In addition to these, I perform my songs over the years and ones that I don't usually play at gigs. You may also hear some songs from SuomiLOVE.

Osmo Ikonen's gig at on 28th of March at 19:00

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