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Shiraz Lane's procession traveled from the Caribbean to Europe - their next stop is SemiLive

On Friday, April 3rd, heavier music will be heard at SemiLive when the great promise of the Finnish rock, Shiraz Lane steps on the stage. The beginning of the year has been speedy for this Vantaa-based band.

The year kicked off with a Caribbean rock cruise (Monsters of Rock Cruise) and our European tour, but this joy crashed into an obstacle called the COVID-19. On a large scale, restrictions are the only way to seek to protect human health, Shiraz Lane says.

Shiraz Lane has just completed their European tour and during the spring they had to tour Finland, but due to restrictions, the gigs are rescheduled next summer. However, the band is excited about the livestream gig.

Livestream gigs allow people to participate regardless of restrictions, so it’s an equal way to interact with people. It’s hard to gauge the popularity and prevalence of virtual gigs in the future, but in exceptional circumstances, it’s definitely a good option, bringing joy to quarantine. Our SemiLive gig brings light, power and energy to homes, the band promises.

In addition to the tour life, Shiraz Lane released a new EP, Vibration I, in January. The EP features two previously unreleased songs Keep It Alive and You Will Remain. The other three songs on the Vibration I, Do You, Revolution and To The Moon & Back, have previously been released as singles. To The Moon & Back is a cover of the original song by Savage Garden.

Shiraz Lane's line-up: Hannes Kett (Vocals), Jani Laine (Lead Guitar), Miki Kalske (Rhythm Guitar), Joel Alex (Bass) and Ana Willman (Drums).

“The virus is raging, authorities patrol the streets and people are contained in their homes. The George Orwellish dystopic atmosphere has become reality to a large part of human population around the globe. Although times are tough and the shimmering light of optimism is fading, remember that it is always darkest before the dawn. To relieve you from despair we come bearing with news of hope and determination. Shiraz Lane shall play a revolutionary SemiLive-concept show through the World Wide Web on Friday the 3rd of April! You will have the unique chance to enjoy the energy of Rock N’ Roll straight from your couch. All you need is a computer or mobile device, a small amount of currency and a comfortable position to be entertained. See you online in a couple of weeks!” Shiraz Lane at Grimm Gent 24th of March

Shiraz Lane's gig at on 3rd of April at 20.00 (UTC +3)